Why Invest in Greece?

Entering the real estate sector, which is the first investment opportunity, can be a great idea when it comes to Greece. This is because according to regulations, individuals who invest more than 250,000 Euros in Greece are granted residence permits under the Golden Visa program. Therefore, if you purchase a property in Greece for more than 250,000 Euros, you will not only have a residence permit in a country within the EU but also, even if you do not reside there, you will have the freedom to benefit from other advantages solely for investment purposes. Additionally, there are many advantages to investing in Greece. These include:

1) Direct travel to any Schengen country from their own country.
2) Many European countries have recently started offering new access to Europe for non-EU citizens under the name of Golden Visas. In this regard, Greece offers the most economically reasonable solutions and is one of the cheapest countries in the Mediterranean region.
3) Greece serves as a bridge between Europe, Asia, and Africa thanks to its strategic location.
4) Greece offers an extraordinary summer season from early May to late September, allowing you to enjoy the sea and nature almost all the time.

Who Can Invest in Greece?

Anyone interested in investing in Greece, including foreign investors, can invest. Greece offers various incentives and advantages to encourage foreign investors. However, individuals wishing to invest must meet certain legal and regulatory requirements.

Tax System

Foreigners living in Greece can benefit from tax advantages. Since 2021, tax advantages have been offered to foreigners residing in Greece, especially retirees and digital nomads. Various incentive programs are available for them. This increases the likelihood of international income not being taxed in Greece, allowing commercial activities to be conducted outside Greece and benefit from tax advantages.

Investment Requirements

Greece offers an attractive opportunity with the Greece Golden Visa Program initiated in 2013. This program provides a five-year residence permit for a low real estate investment, such as only 250,000 Euros. Along with this residence permit, you can include your family in the program. The Greece Golden Visa not only provides the right to live in the country but also allows visa-free travel in the Schengen area. Through this program, you can explore the beauties of Greece and easily travel to different parts of Europe. This advantageous opportunity can prevent the taxation of your international income in Greece and expand the scope of your commercial activities, thus increasing your lifestyle and your business potential.