Frequently Asked Questions Cyprus

Citizens in the country speak their own language and it is very similar to Turkish. Due to the citizens settling in the country, Turkish, English, Russian and Persian are also spoken mostly.

North Cyprus does not have its own currency. In the country, Selling houses and rent payments are paib in Sterlin, but Turkish Lira is used in daily life.

The period between April and the end of October is mainly considered as the summer season. Air temperatures reach 38-40 degrees in July and August. Winter months are mostly rainy
with temperatures between 5-10 degrees.

Cars are driven from the right side, as in England. In Cyprus, most people use their own vehicles, rented vehicles and taxis instead of public transportation. Apart from this, buses are also available from certain regions.

Looking at the year 2023, the Gross National Product per capital is 14,436 USD. The country’s economy is in good condition.

Citizens of Cyprus, Turks, Scandinavians, Finnish, British, Russian and Iranian citizens live in the country.

As of March 2024, the annual inflation rate was 68.5 percent

The country mainly earns money through tourism, tourism suppliers and the casino industry

Girne, Famagusta and Nicosia are the 3 popular cities

According to 2023 data, investments are made mainly from Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, England, Finland, Germany, America and Scandinavian countries.

The most famous food of North Cyprus is halloumi cheese, which is famous worldwide for its taste. Cyprus strawberry is also among its famous delicacies. Halloumi Pastry, Cyprus Meatballs, Molehiye, Piruhi, Pilavuna, Krokas, Kleftiko, Dilifti, Cretan Style Çullama are among the dishes you should definitely try.

The closest neighbours of the North Cyprus are Southern Cyprus, Türkiye, Lebanon, Israel, Greece and Egypt.

North Cyprus is located on a Mediterranean island, the country has a temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and warm and slightly rainy winters. The average annual air temperature is 19 degrees.
The hottest month is July. The average temperature in July is between 37-40 degrees during the day. In January, the coldest month of the year, the air temperature varies between 9-12 degrees.

Toggle ConNorth Cyprus average sea water temperature is 21.3 degrees on average. The highest temperature of sea water is around 27-28 degrees in July and August.tent

he president is economist and politician Ersin Tatar. The Prime Minister is Ünal Üstel. The name of their heading party is “National Unity Party”.

  • 1. High rental income (in Sterlin),
  • 2. Ease of buying a house at economical prices,
  • 3. Favorable weather conditions,
  • 4. Long sea season and proximity to the sea everywhere as it is an island.
  • 5. Living mostly in families and having a regular, holiday-like lifestyle (being one of the countries with the lowest crime rate also brings safe living conditions)

North Cyprus is not recognized outside Türkiye.

Due to its similarity in seasons, it is compared with Alanya, Antalya and Mersin districts from Turkey, as well as Greece, Malta and Dubai.

The religion that the country’s native citizens mostly believe in is Islam, with only 1% being Christians.

The cities that provide the most profitable investment opportunities are Kyrenia, Iskele and Gazi Famagusta.

  • Kyrenia: It is the most touristic area, where historical areas are the majority, and it is an area with dazzling sandy beaches and unlimited activities.

  • Iskele: This coastal settlement area is a place that provides a year-round holiday concept atmosphere with a calm and comfortable life flow.

  • Gazi Famagusta: This city, where most of the universities are located, is also known for having pioneer trade centers and the deepest port of the island. It is an area where houses are rented quickly due to the density of students, a lively social life and beautiful beaches.

You can rent a normal car for an average of 600 TL per day.

There is only Ercan airport in North Cyprus. The airport in Southern Cyprus is not recommended due to the possibility of difficulty in passing to the North Cyprus.

The vast majority of people in the country have a car, because public transportation can only take them from certain areas and there are very few of them. There is no metro transportation network, taxis are generally used and almost all taxis are Mercedes cars.

The average TL equivalent of Sterling in 2023 was 30.4, today’s TL equivalent of Sterling in 2024 is 40.25 TL.

For Turkish citizens, only using ID Card is accepted, but for all other countries, a passport is required

Since it is located on a Mediterranean island, the country has a temperate Mediterranean climate where summers are hot and dry and winters are warm and slightly rainy. The average annual air temperature is 19 degrees.
The hottest month is July. The average temperature in July is between 37-40 degrees during the day. In January, the coldest month of the year, the temperature varies between 9-12 degrees.

North Cyprus is a 3rd degree earthquake country. Regions have different resistance areas.

Education is mostly provided in English in schools.

Most of the universities have YÖK equivalence approval and are internationally valid.

Yes, foreigners must open a bank account in the country to do business, buy real estate and live in the country. Money can be transferred through the money changer system in the country. Money transfer is also possible with crypto money.

There are direct flights from Turkey to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and Adana. During the summer periods, there are flights once a day from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.

Companies established in foreign countries can open workplaces or branches in foreign countries, provided that the approval of the Ministry responsible for the Economy and permission from the Council of Ministers are obtained. These companies are foreign
They are registered as (overseas) companies.

According to 2024 data, the country’s population consists of 1,266,000 people.