Turkish Citizenship Program through Investment

Requirements and Key Considerations for Property Acquisition in Turkey and Obtaining Turkish Residence

Prospective applicants for Turkish citizenship through investment are required to invest in a property in Turkey with a minimum value of $400,000. This investment can be spread across multiple properties if desired. It is essential for applicants to retain ownership and refrain from transferring the purchased property for a period of three years. This commitment is documented in the property contract, which is both purchased and registered. The property’s value is determined by the Banking and Real Estate Supervisory Board and must meet or exceed the threshold of $400,000.

Turkish Passport Acquisition

Individuals can attain Turkish citizenship by investing $400,000 in a single property or multiple properties. Additionally, citizenship can be obtained by generating income through capital increases, initiating a business, and earning monthly rent from properties in Turkey. This process extends citizenship benefits to the individual, their spouse, and children (under 18 years old).

Turkish citizenship is lifelong, and children born to individuals holding Turkish citizenship also automatically acquire citizenship. Notably, Turkish citizenship can be granted concurrently with citizenship from another country. For instance, an Iranian citizen can hold both Iranian and Turkish citizenship, enjoying the privileges associated with each. Detailed information on Turkish passport validity can be found in a separate article.

Overview of Turkish Citizenship Steps

To obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Obtain a tax registration number in Turkey

Step 2 – Open a bank account in Turkey

Step 3 – Find a property, leading to the acquisition of a Turkish passport

Step 4 – Purchase a property valued at least $400,000

Step 5 – Acquire a property purchase certificate

Step 6 – Submit a Turkish residence request

Step 7 – Prepare the necessary official documents for the Turkish citizenship application