Why to Invest in Istanbul?

With a population of 18 million, megapolis Istanbul is one of the most profitable investment cities of Turkey, in the Middle East and Europe with its young business population and growing industrial capacity. Hundreds of branded housing projects implemented in the developing areas of the city, which increase their value day by day, are highly valued in both domestic and foreign investor markets.

From the perspective of an investor, making the correct investment in Istanbul at the right time and in the right way causes a drastic amount of waste of time and money for many investors and also cause confusion due to the size of the city and the high level of competition in the real estate market. These problems, which may start before the investment, from time to time can lead the investor to investments that will make them unhappy both in the short and long term, due to miscommunication and misguidance. Investors who are unfamiliar with the demographic and financial structure of Istanbul, a mega city containing assets that will appeal to investors from all walks of life, have difficulty in making comparisons and experiencing confusion when visiting real estate projects, many of which do not meet their criteria.

Why Property Expo Istanbul?

Established to be the solution to these problems in the sector, Property Expo Istanbul offers investors the concept of a permanent fairground that works for 365 days. Property Expo presents all kinds of services under one roof, from A to Z, about investment. It provides from a spectacular selection of real estate projects, which are exhibited and presented in all details, to the special opportunities, business establishment, legal services needed during investment, and special post-investment services such as project management and architectural design to the investors.

Property Expo, established with the guidance of years of experience that steers the sector, offers foreign investors all real estate projects within its scope with title deed and turnkey guarantee along with the most prestigious and comprehensive services.

You will find the reliable service you are looking for under a single roof, without wasting time while making your investment decision at Property Expo, where models of projects from every segment suitable for the wishes and needs of investors are exhibited by expert sales representatives.

Property Expo Istanbul is your only stop to crown your Istanbul journey, which starts with private VIP vehicle service from the moment you land at the airport, with the most valuable, reliable, and detailed investment decision. Property Expo providing full service throughout the year is the right location to know that your investments are physically and financially safe, regardless of where you are after the investment.