Real Merter

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Real Merter, which was realized in the textile center Merter, is rising as Güngören’s first urban transformation project. 

Real Merter project consists of 248 residences in 3 blocks. There are 155 shops under the blocks in the project. The project, which stands out with its commercial units, is expected to add mobility to the region. In Real Merter, 1+1 apartments have a size of 66 to 89 square meters, 2+1 apartments have a size of 105 to 142 square meters, and 3+1 apartments have a size of 172 to 182 square meters. The sizes of the commercial units vary between 36 and 491 square meters.

Real Merter, with its location in the center of commerce, close to the E-5, metro and metrobus, special shopping center and social facilities, will bring profits to the investors in every respect. 

Commercial units were also offered for sale in the project, which is rising right next to the Architect Yahya Baş Güngören Stadium. In a short period of one week, a demand of 10 percent came to the commercial units in the shopping center, which is intended for textile manufacturers. With the shopping center, the parking problem of the textile manufacturers in the region will be eliminated.