Buying land in Turkey

Buying land in Turkey is a very safe investment. The value of land in Turkey is growing significantly and your money will not only not be worthless but will bring you a very significant profit if sold to you in the future.

Buy land because they are not making any

Buying land for foreigners in Turkey and the benefits of buying land

Land investment, which enables investors to make large profits in the long run, attracts the attention of foreign investors. The most important issue for investing in land is the location of the land. Investing in land that is likely to be developing will increase investment. Especially investing in big cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir brings very good profits. Investing in land in Turkey also offers great benefits to foreign investors.

About the investment in land

The issue you are facing and you have to define your task is that your goal in buying Turkish land is to increase its price and sell it intact, or to build a property or a villa. If you want to prepare a suitable and modern place for yourself and build it on the purchased land, specify your favorite building. Because in Turkey there are many architects with a variety of traditional and modern construction arts who can build the best for you.


But if you want to buy land, buildings and buildings for sale and rent, it is better to consider the tastes of most people and build a building that is always in demand by people and adventurers as well as tourists. Keep in mind that the more modern the property you can build, the closer you are to securing your future property demand. In this regard, be sure to consult with the expo property consultants to put the best path in front of you.


Why we should buy land in Turkey?


Turkey has a good geographical location and its economic situation has attracted many immigrants and investors to buy in this country. There are many reasons to buy land in Turkey, and here are some of them:

-Turkey is the seventh largest exporter of food

-Turkey has very good agricultural lands

-More than 30% of Turkish land is arable

-The first country in terms of agricultural production in Europe

-Extensive variety in agricultural products

-Successful economy relies on the country

Buying land in Istanbul

As you know, Istanbul is one of the largest cities in Turkey and has many areas and a pleasant climate. Usually, the surroundings of Istanbul are suitable places for buying land and agricultures. Due to the good weather conditions and the migratory nature of Istanbul, buying land in this city has many benefits.

Why Millionaires Invest in Turkey?


A population of 83.9 Million (2021, TÜİK)
When compared to the EU the most crowded young population. (Euro Stat)
Half of the population is under the age 30.1 (2021, TÜİK)
Young, Dynamic, educated and a very cultured population


More then 31,6 Million of young, educated and motivated work force. (2021,TÜİK)

More then 900.000 university graduates from 183 different universities (2021,TÜİK)

More then 995.000 college graduates with more then half of the students from technical and vocational colleges (2021,MEB)


A new and developed foundation in the field of transport, telecommunications and energy.

Maritime transport is well developed and affordable

Advantage of reaching Eastern and Central Europe by rail.

Transport facilities with good configuration, with direct transport system to most European countries.


Ongoing customs agreement with the European Union and free trade agreement with 21 countries (Ministry of Commerce)

New free trade agreements are in place. Ongoing negotiations on EU participation


A natural bridge between North and South and West and East and therefore effective and low-cost alternative to important business markets. Easy access to 1.7 Billion people in Europe, Euroasia, The Middle East, and North Africa. Access to many markets with a total GDP of 25 Trillion USD