Places to Visit on Asian Side of Istanbul

... 18/11/2022

Istanbul is an ancient city that has hosted many civilizations with its history of at least 8 thousand years. So much so that ships from the seven seas anchored in this Bosphorus. The Asian side of Istanbul, which connects Asia and Europe, is more economical and less crowded than the European side. The Asian Side, Kadıköy, Üsküdar, Ataşehir and most importantly the Islands offer its visitors both a quiet and enjoyable holiday opportunity, while at the same time opening the doors of the city's most beautiful natural beauties.

Gozdagi Grove, Pendik

Located in Pendik, Gozdagi Grove is located at an altitude of 206 meters. The grove, where you can see dozens of plant species, resembles an eagle's nest with its height and wooden architecture. Additionally, you do not need to pay any fee to enter the Gozdagı Grove, which is open to visitors between 08:30 in the morning and 23:00 in the evening.

Anadolu Kavagi, Beykoz

Anadolu Kavagi, which is a touristic fishing town, has welcomes tourists 4-5 times more than its population throughout the year. There are Yoros Castle and Poyrazkoy that you can be visited in the region. Also known as the Genoese Castle, the castle was built to control the entrance to the strait. If you happen to be in Poyrazkoy, which is located in the north of the district, you should definitely visit the Poyrazkoy Castle, which dates back 600 years.

Goztepe 60th Year Park, Kadikoy

Goztepe 60th Year Park, visited by people of all ages, is located on Bagdat Street in Goztepe. It is an exquisite place where you can escape from the oppressive atmosphere of the metropolis with flowers of all colors and aquariums where various fish swim, tulip and rose gardens, a boat made of teak wood and an artificial pond of 1200 square meters.

Kadikoy Bars Street

Kadikoy Bar Street, as the name suggests, is a street with bars everywhere. Although the bars on the street are usually 'Rock Bar' concept, you can also find bars that play pop, rap or jazz. Kadikoy, the heart of the Anatolian Side, is a meeting point for everyone, from young to old.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Founded by Sunay Akin in 2005, Istanbul Toy Museum is one of the most recommended places to visit in Istanbul. The museum, where 300-year-old toys are exhibited in a historical building, is home to approximately 4000 toys. Since the European Toy and Children's Museums meeting was held at the Istanbul Toy Museum for the first time in the world in 2012, Istanbul has received the title of "capital of toy museums". Many of the toys you will see in the museum will take you on a journey back to your childhood.